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Ex Inspection Services & Software

We have combined our vast experience in Ex, ATEX, IEC and NEC Hazardous Area Equipment Inspection and Hazardous Area Assessment with state-of-the-art software to provide the most advanced hazardous area inspection, assessment and management solution available. The Ex Inspection and Assessment Software can be used for multiple purposes, from designing and building technical files for skids to reducing Ex inspection frequencies , Free trial, no download required, just log in and try it!

We offer several specialist services for Ex Inspection. We have COMPEX trained Ex Inspection Engineers  (electrical and non-electrical) and can also train and manage local staff to the required standard. We also have qualified Project Managers for large scale projects using our own people, your people or local contractors (that we will train, supervise and ultimately sign off). In addition to Ex inspection and installation supervision, we can offer area classification, explosion risk assessment and a complete turnkey DSEAR implementation package with full EPD documentation including safety procedures and processes.

CompEx Training and CertificationEx Inspection

CompEx is an internationally recognised course and qualification in explosive atmospheres.  It provides competency based assessment for personnel working in hazardous locations. Our courses consist of training and formal, practical and/or theoretical assessment. CompEx competency validation is most relevant and essential to people who are involved in the design, selection, installation, inspection and maintenance of equipment.

ExVeritas is a licenced CompEx Training Centre and offer a full range of courses including Ex12 for Designers.

Area Classification & Explosion Risk Assessment

To compliment our Ex Inspection and Verification services, we offer a full range of Area Classification Services that can be conducted ‘stand alone’ or as part of a larger, managed DSEAR or site explosion safety project. We conduct classification to IEC60079-10, IP15/SR25 and by calculation using CFD software and our in-house tools. Having trouble deciding if you are a low or high explosion risk for the selection of equipment protection levels? Unsure if you have suitable separation distances from your flammable stores to your offices? We offer a full range of explosion risk assessments, from simple qualitative assessments, to consequence based assessment  to facilitate the safe location and design of occupied buildings using tools such as PHAST.

Ex Inspection Wall Chart

Free Ex Inspection Wall Chart

Get the very latest information available on our wall chart – A completely updated and free Ex Inspection wall chart containing the most commonly requested (and forgotten!) facts about ATEX and IEC codes, Standards and Zones.

The Wall Chart includes useful Ex Inspection information on protection concepts (electrical and non-electrical), zones, gas groups, dust groups and much more!

Simply contact us and we will send you our new Ex Inspection Wall Chart

Award winning software and services

bajpegExVeritas takes a fully integrated approach to explosive atmosphere site safety, although we can offer each service individually and to bespoke levels, we believe that being able to offer a ‘joined up’ service offers our clients the most cost effective route to safety and compliance. For example, in some cases if equipment doesn’t meet the necessary inspection or ignition assessment levels, it may be more cost effective to change the classification. ExVeritas are also an ATEX Notified Body, we know about equipment certification – we issue ATEX Notified Body Certificates!

We offer Turnkey Ex, DSEAR and ATEX 137 Explosion Protection Documents (EPDs) and expert approval signatories for commissioning and modifications. With our award winning global service levels, 100 years of Hazardous Area Experience in house and our unique ‘iEx’  software for recording and managing all DSEAR and Ex inspection, ExVeritas is ‘the safe choice’.

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